I will be completing my teaching portfolio for the final project. I will be using Portfolium, which is a product relatively new to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Portfolium has a LinkedIn feel, with sections and room to display projects and videos. It also allows colleagues to connect and follow with one another.

My teaching portfolio will include the following sections:

Introduction – This section will include my photo, a banner, a short bio, contact information, and my current degree program, as well as the link for anyone to access my Portfolium, my email, social media contacts, and other contact information.

Artifacts – These include projects created with Articulate 360, WordPress, Wix, Prezi, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, Piktochart, including videos, interactive websites, blog entries, YouTube, PPT, instructional lesson plans, grant applications, as well as Canvas and Blackboard courses I have developed and/or taught.

Work Experience – This will highlight my Instructional Design positions and any teaching and/or workshop experience.

Courses and Certifications – These will include my courses from the PhD in Instructional Leadership and Technology, as well as my Masters Degree in Interactive Technology.

Publications – Here I will showcase my published work, including articles, books, essays, etc.

My Curriculum Vitae – This will include the presentations I have given for various institutions and conferences, as well as grants received, papers published or in progress, conference presentations, and poster presentations.

Teaching Philosophy – This section will include the Teaching Philosophy developed for AHE 603.

Connections – I will use this area to connect with my colleagues in education and industry.

There are also sections for accomplishments, clubs, affiliations, and programs, which I will fill in as appropriate.

This is a new program for me, so I am still learning my way around. I believe that every student at UA was given access to this free tool, so I encourage you to check it out as well!

My Link:  https://portfolium.com/ljmcneill33