It has been a pleasure watching and reviewing everyone’s videos this week. We have such a creative and talented group of educators.

In terms of my own work, I chose rubrics as it is a tool that I have a personal interest in, enjoy using, and will be teaching to my faculty at UAB next month. It was helpful, especially, to think about what was most important to include in the six minutes we were allotted. This forced me to determine the most crucial portions of the instruction and drill down to exactly what I wanted to say and show in a short time period.

A DSLR camera was used to shoot the video, and I recruited UAB student workers to play the part of students. The purpose of using the students was to add an element of fun, humor, and surprise for the viewer. We also used Articulate 360 to create and edit the interactive, clickable, and drag-and-drop activities, which would be better showcased allowing students to work through the module themselves. I believe that in trying to show how a student might work through the “class,” some of the “clicks” were not perfectly in sync with the video and words, which I would correct the next time around editing in Adobe Premiere. For those of you who edit quite a bit, Camtasia is also quite useful, a bit more user-friendly, and great for short videos.

In hindsight, after one of my classmates pointed it out, I would have used a “real” rubric to demonstrate what one looks like. At the time, I believe I decided to go with an empty one because there are limitless possibilities for the content and appearance of a final rubric. In reviewing my video, I also used the phrase “first, we’ll look at…” twice. I’ll have to be more careful when talking off the cuff. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of having catch phrases or transitions, especially when you don’t have a recording to play back.

In all, it was a fun and extremely useful assignment for me. I truly believe that there is always something to learn and improve upon in our own work.

Again, I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects!